Hi, in this post I am going to write a text about War and Peace in civ 4 and in the real world

When u start your game, you have to choose Witch Empire you want to be. This can be important later in the game. Every leader has his or her on characteristics, for example Gandhi who is philosophical and spiritual. This often means that he will try to avoid war and have religion.

When you start your world, you will spawn in and make your first town. After a couple turns, you will meet other civilisations and they will ask you about making open borders. Choose wisely because having open borders will allow traders military to cross your new ally´s borders. Making an alliance early in the game can be crucial. Because later in the game they can turn against you with their allies and go to war against you. A lot of this can u see in the world today In Scandinavia you can travel from Norway to Sweden and Denmark without bringing your passports. This is because we have open borders. However, almost every country inn the world has an open border even the U.S you just have to bring a passport and a visa then you can come in to the country. However, open borders means that it is easier to get resources and other goods from other countries. NATO is an alliance were the rules are, if a country attacks a country who is in NATO then all the other counties in the alliance will help the country in their alliance with soldiers, and resources like food and water.

Playing this game has learned me a lot about war and peace. Going to war is hard it takes a lot of resources, men and time. Going to war in this game depends on the person who is playing. Since there is seven ways to end this game, I usually choose getting control of the world. To do that you need strong allays having recourses and timing. In the game, there is many reasons to go to war, a lot of them is usual in wars in real life. Wars are usually about cities or my recourses.  In the game, you can go to war for anything, because it depends on how you want to run your country. However, in real life it is all about resources, power, and religion.  There has been many wars through are history. As we have progress through time, the reasons for wars have not. I think this is a thing the game shows in a great experience. We started fighting over food and animals in the beginning. As the progress in the game goes on and in real life, we start to see other factors that have a lot to say. When religion comes inn to the picture, you can see there are wars in a new way. Like in the battle of Jerusalem inn 1099 where the Catholics stormed the city and fought against the Muslims, this was all because of the Catholics who wanted to Christianise the world. If we step into more reason time we had world war 2 witch was about power the one thing that have gone through all of history, the one thing that everyone wants. The cold war was the first war in modern time where religion or resources had something to do with it. It was all about who had the most power.

here is short summary. It is smart making allies and having peace with other countries. It will benefit you both in the game and in real life. War is manly about three things power, religion and resources.


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